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Graphene Coating 250mL Refil

Graphene Coating 250mL Refil

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Refill your Graphene Coating for less! Instead of buying a new spray bottle you can buy a 250mL refill for it and save!

Shipping Across New Zealand Arrives In 3 Days! 15,000+ products shipped to happy customers in New Zealand!

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Works On Any Paint Colour!

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Easy Application

Applying our graphene coating is as simple as a breeze. Achieve professional-quality results without the need for costly detailing services. It's like a spray wax, but with results that are truly out of this world!

Spray directly onto the paint surface, wipe in with straight motions and wait 30 mins to cure!

Mirror Shine Paint

Witness your car's transformation into a shiny masterpiece with B-Line Graphene Coating. Get ready for a mirror, head-turning shine that will set your vehicle apart from the normal dull paint. Say farewell to dull and lackluster paint because our shine is pure magic that lasts a remarkable 6 months! If you've seen our Instagram, you already know the jaw-dropping results it offers. Get ready to shine brighter than the rest! ✨

Works on Glass!

Why limit the secret sauce to your car's body? B-Line Graphene Coating works wonders on glass too! It's so effective; you might as well bid farewell to those wipers. Your glass will glisten like never before!

Unmatched Hydrophobic Quality

Our cutting-edge carbon formula creates an impenetrable hydrophobic shield. Say goodbye to water spots and streaks that plague your car's appearance. With our coating, water simply beads up and rolls off, leaving behind a spotlessly clean and dry surface. Revel in the freedom from water-related worries and enjoy a car that stays perpetually protected and water-repellent. Rain or shine, your car will always look its best. 

Ultimate UV Ray Protection

B-Line Graphene Coating acts as a formidable shield against the harsh sun, preventing harmful UV rays from tarnishing your car's paint. Say farewell to paint fade or discoloration and embrace the longevity of your car's radiant finish.

Unmatched Durability

Our B-Line Graphene Coating offers an unrivaled 6 months of long-lasting protection. Revel in the peace of mind knowing your car remains safeguarded and flawless for an extended period. Rest assured; your car's beauty will endure the harsh UV rays and weather elements.

Already Have A Ceramic Coated Car?

Fantastic! B-Line Graphene Coating can complement your existing coating, extending its life and refreshing its quality. Upgrade your car's protection with ease.

B-Line's Mission

To protect the paint on your car so that you can recoup the most amount of money from selling your vehicle. We new technology and provide the best quality products.

Our Founder:
Lucca was tired of the basic "spray ceramic" having lackluster effects and being difficult to apply. B-Line Graphene Coating was developed to combat the current market in wax and spray ceramic coatings and deliver the best product possible to our customers.

B-Line Graphene Coating - The Most Trusted Coating In NZ + AUS

40+ Detailers and Dealerships Use B-Line in NZ + AUS

Used On The Best Cars To Give The BEST RESULTS

Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure that you will love B-Line products. So we are offering you a full 7 day money back guarantee if there is any issues!

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Graphene Coating 250mL Refil
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